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BREAKING: Teachout wins round 2 of court case, Cuomo reups, appeals decision. Donate to help fight to keep Teachout-Wu on the ballot!

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is proving to be as corrupt as the criminals he promised to put behind bars. But instead of answering questions, he's lashing out against his progressive rivals, Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu, and trying to push them off the Democratic primary ballot. Given Cuomo's heavy-handed tactics, the Teachout-Wu campaign must now appear in a Brooklyn courthouse in August to address Cuomo’s challenges. But hiring lawyers to fight Cuomo’s bullying costs money and takes time -- resources an insurgent, grassroots campaign doesn't have.


Why We're Running

Political corruption is a nationwide problem, but nowhere worse than in New York State. Over the last 18 months, ten politicians have been criminally indicted or charged for bribery or corruption. Corruption problems have now reached the Governor himself. On July 23, the New York Times revealed that Cuomo obstructed and manipulated an Anti-Corruption Commission he instituted to “clean up” New York politics and that his staff protected major campaign donors by blocking subpoenas and directing the Commission away from his allies. Whether or not he is guilty -- an open question -- Cuomo at least deserves to be challenged in the democratic primary.


Who We Are

Anti-corruption advocates Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu represent an ethical and progressive alternative to Cuomo, the ultimate Albany insider. Teachout is a well-known anti-corruption advocate and scholar. Tim Wu, the “father” of Net Neutrality, is a Columbia law professor and former Antitrust enforcer with a long record of policy entrepreneurship. Both are old-school trust buster candidates.

It's incredibly rare for anyone to challenge power like this, let alone candidates who have proven to be thoughtful, strategic public policy leaders. We're done with broken, corrupted politics that's more of the same. Zephyr and Tim believe that by breaking up the old boys clubs that stifle our economy and hold it hostage for just the few, we can create an open, vibrant economy and democracy where everyone has a chance to thrive and prosper. Their ability to speak truth to power is what we need in politics; they are fearless in creating opportunity and representing democracy, and can win. And if they get a chance to, they can set an example in New York for democracy in America: entrenched power must be challenged and uncorrupted, smart, fearless ideas can fix what ails us. We just need you to stand with us. 



Why We Need Your Help

Unfortunately, Cuomo would prefer to run unopposed and his $35 million campaign war chest is the largest in the nation. Cuomo is bullying the campaign in an attempt to force his challengers off the ballot and to drain their resources.

We need you to donate and help keep us on the ballot! Any money raised in excess of our legal costs will go towards campaign advertising. Thank you for your support.  

Donate and help keep us on the ballot!

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